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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Search for Flats via Commute Time

Have you seen our new design for searching on FlatClub? Run a search now & take a look, or stay put on the blog & we'll go over the basics of what has changed.

Search Via Commute Time
We're most excited to present this new feature to our search: it's something that we know will come in especially handy for our guests who are working or studying in a new city. It is difficult to figure out a decent place to live on the right transport line of your workplace or university.

FlatClub's search now makes that easy. Narrow down your commute time to something that works for you - average commute in London is 70 minutes* - and we'll filter out the results that would make your daily trip too long.

This is an addition to our classic filters: price & flat type. So now you can find the perfect studio in your budget, and know that it is a mere 25 minutes from your office. Easy!

Beds & Bedrooms Search

Many of our guests are searching for groups: people who want to stay together, and don't mind sharing a room, but need separate beds. In these instances, we make it easy to find exactly what suits the group's needs. Select the number of beds necessary, and the amount of bedrooms that are required.

 Perfect for groups of interns who want to stay together, families, and groups of friends.

Where do I see the commute time?

So you know how to search for commute time, and you're looking at the results. Here's where to find the commute time - by car, public transport, cycling, and walking. We'll only show you results that are within your request commute time.

Changes to the View
We've also made the images of flats larger on the search results screen, so that you can better decide on which properties look good to you. In addition to that, we've added a larger section of the map so that you can better understand the placement of the flats relative to your destination.

We're also working to improve our speed on the search results - and we hope that you see the results of that hard work soon.