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Friday 21 November 2014

Top 5 Parks in Angel

When you're finished going around Angel's delightful coffee shops & the N1 Shopping Centre, take a break at one of the green parks nearby.

Culpeper Park - A lovely park with a children’s area for the kids to play in. There is also some greenery for the adults to just relax in, too!

Barnard Park - Another nice big park that is currently taking in suggestions for improvements; so take a stroll around and see if there is anything you’d like to improve!

Gibson Square Gardens - Gibson Square is a lovely park in Angel, it’s got shrubbery & flowers abounding. A great place to eat your lunch, go on a romantic walk, or take some well behaved children to admire the plant life. A very relaxed square indeed.

Islington Green - A bit of a rarity in London, this was former land owned by a manor that fell into disrepair and therefore, public usage in the olden days. It’s fun to imagine the grazing cattle making their way across the green. There’s also a cinema here where you can catch screenings of movies new & old.

Shoreditch Park - Shoreditch Park is a very large park with some spillage into Angel - you can hoof it over there and enjoy all 47 acres of this well-established park. Surely there is something for everyone - or you can just take a very long walk!