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Tuesday 18 November 2014

5 Best Coffee Shops in Angel

Angel is a lovely neighborhood in Northern London that is quite near the FlatClub office - it's a great spot for food, shopping, and even coffee shops. Have you ever tried bubble tea? You can get an amazing one in Angel - in addition to excellent flat whites & cakes.

The CoffeeWorks Project - One of the stalwarts of Angel, this place is where coffee fans flock to when they’re in N1. Flat whites are probably the top-rated selection, but they do a mean latte & a nice tea selection too. Gluten free brownies for the wheat-intolerant out there, so don’t feel left out!

Euphorium Bakery - They serve good coffee - but way more than that, they have amazing baked goods, with a focus on cakes! It’s not just sweets though, so if you’d like some fresh bread this is the place for you, too. Relaxing with friends here is a popular pastime in Angel. There is a nice airy feel about the place, and even though it gets quite crowded at certain points in the weekend - you can always take out a piece of cake, right?

Kipferl Austrian Coffeehouse - Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce the name, just stick with ordering one of their delightful coffees & you’ll be fine! A very stylish & bright space, this coffee shop down Camden Passage is a great place to wile away the hours and do some people watching in Angel. Not only do they do coffees, they do plenty of amazing Austrian & Central European food & cakes! Including the classic Sachertorte - which we recommend strongly.

Brew Box Bubble Tea - This place is great - if you’ve never tried bubble tea, this will be the perfect one to try! Super friendly staff will explain to you what exactly ‘bubble tea’ is, but a quick primer is as such: delicious, sweet, and creamy iced tea with chewy tapioca pearls at the bottom. So refreshing and lovely on a warm day! Not only that, but you can also grab some Japanese inspired desserts & savouries and relax in the comfortable seating area.

Tinderbox Espresso Emporium - Tinderbox is inside the cool N1 Centre shopping mall in Islington, and it’s open until a staggering (for London) 10:30 pm. This is THE place to go if you need coffee late night. There are a range of drinks however, for the non-caffeinated among you - grab some juice or tea & a panini while you unwind after some serious shopping.