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Friday 27 June 2014

Top 10 Nightlife Spots Near Old Street

This was a fun way to add on to our London Relocation Guides - staying near the office & exploring cool cocktail & specialty bars! Not to worry ale-lovers, we've got a list of great pubs nearby coming up next.

We're rounding off our Old Street series, we started with restaurants, checked out some great parks, and now we're relaxing in one of these 10 amazing nightspots near Old Street.

Nightjar - A very intriguing and mysterious cocktail bar, Nightjar has dozens of varieties of unique cocktails. They’ve got four themed menus based on time periods in the history of mixed drinks: pre-prohibition, prohibition, post-war, and ‘Nightjar signatures’, all modern creations. The atmosphere is low-key and the ambiance is classy & mature, a good place to go on a date or with a group who is into cocktails and conversation. Reservations are suggested.

Happiness Forgets - Happiness Forgets is similar in style to Nightjar, in that it’s classy, you take a seat, and you’re served your drinks - but the drinks themselves tend down a more classic route than Nightjar. Many different gins, bourbons, and other spirits mingle there. A bit of a connoisseur's cocktail joint. Bookings often needed - especially at weekends.

The Book Club - A fun and trendy bar that also serves quite a variety of food - including breakfast! If you’d like to be able to turn up & have a high energy drink with a group of friends The Book Club is a great choice. It’s incredibly popular and often crowded after work, so going in the off hours might be the best idea.

Callooh Callay - A whimsical place, as you might guess from the name, Callooh Callay is very popular with locals & visitors alike. It skirts the line between funky & cosmopolitan, and has curious touches throughout the bar. Hidden extra bars in the closet, restroom through the wardrobe - and more strange & exciting things abound. Lots of fun had with the tasty drinks, as well!

Casita - Hard to find but well worth it, this is a little bar with a focus on tequila. Their homemade chaser is addictive, so we hear, and made of mint, lime, coriander and pineapple. Beats salt, huh? It’s a small venue that is often packed - good reasons why, so turn up and make some new friends! Since it’s a bit off the beaten path of Old Street & City Road, everyone there is there because they’ve heard good things.

Queen of Hoxton - Rooftop cocktails, need we say more? Okay, we’ll say more. Queen of Hoxton has a rooftop garden with a barbecue on this summer serving up delicious classic grub like burgers, halloumi skewers, and coleslaw. Fun cocktails also served up, like pineapple-aid spiked with your choice of alcohol, or mojito slushies!

Worship Street Whistling Shop - This classy bar & cocktail lounge is a great stop - just a bit out of the way of the crowds, but always busy and bustling. There’s a strong focus on gin and classic spirits & mixes - fans of Mad Men will find themselves quite at home with the selection & atmosphere here. Classy & dimly lit, it’s a great place for professionals with a sense of nostalgia.

We can personally vouch for these establishments - but we're always looking for more, especially after a long week! Do you have any great recommendations around Old Street? Or even just a favorite drink from one of these places? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.