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Friday 13 June 2014

5 Great Articles for Helping Find the Right Internship Abroad

An internship has the potential to be the best - or the worst - experience you have before you jump into your career. Deciding on an internship abroad is an even bigger decision than staying close to home. Your first step is to research, research, research! We have curated some of the best articles to help you make your decisions. From choosing the best place to study abroad, to choosing the size of the company you want to intern for, the information below is a great place to start.

Julie Gordon is a BusinessWeek reporter and author.

How to Choose the Right Internship

From externships to finding the right people to talk to, make sure you are fully informed about all the possibilities out there and what might fit you best.

Go Overseas

The Best Cities to Find an Internship Abroad

Do you have your heart set on travel but don’t know where to go? From film and hospitality internships in New Zealand to journalism internships in Barcelona, discover which cities might be your best fit. If you have your heart set on a specific location but the area isn’t known for providing internships in your area of expertise - don’t give up! Research until you find something.


Should You Intern for a Small or Big Company?

Authored by Lily Herman and geared toward female college students, this article is a comprehensive look at the pros and cons of both large and small companies that is useful for anyone wondering which type of internship they should apply for.

Transitions Abroad

Top Programs Offering Internships Abroad

Getting ready for an internship abroad by yourself is unnecessarily stressful. If it is your first time going abroad, looking into internship abroad programs might be your best bet. This article from Transitions Abroad outlines the best programs to get you overseas.


How to find an internship in London

We don't mean to be biased but we'd be foolish not to mention our very own guide on how to get that dream internship in the UK capital. London is one of the most sought-after destinations for working abroad and if you are one of those who want to work hard to realise their dreams, our comprehensive guide will help you from start to finish.

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