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Wednesday 28 May 2014

8 Point Guide for 1st Booking

Thank you for joining FlatClub - and congratulations on your first booking! Now that you have a booking confirmed, we have a few tips that will help make it a great experience for you and your guest.

1. When You'll Be Paid
FlatClub will transfer payment to you 72 hours after your guest checks in. The booking is paid for in full and you do not need to do anything. Make sure you told us how to pay you and specified a preferred currency.

2. Communicating With Your Guest
Pro-active communication is best and it is a good idea to keep communication within FlatClub so that our customer service team may help if needed. You’ll receive an email with all of your guest’s contact details, and your guest will receive the same email with your information. All the booking info is stored on your FlatClub account.

3. Premium Services - Key Exchange. Cleaning. Valuables.
We offer some services to make preparing for your 1st booking even easier. We offer guest key exchange, pre- and post- booking cleanings, and storage for valuables. Purchase these services as a package or ad hoc on our site.

4. Confirm Key Delivery
If you did not filled out your key delivery preference while writing your flat description, message your guest as soon as possible to arrange how the keys will be exchanged. If you’re unable to deliver the key in person we suggest using our key delivery service for convenience and security.

5. Tidy Your Flat
Make sure that the flat or room your guest booked looks as presentable as it did in photos - if not better. If you’re unable to straighten up before their arrival, we suggest our cleaning service. You’re welcome to add a cleaning charge on to your posting for any costs incurred by cleaning the flat before and after guests.

6. Leave Instructions for Your Guest
It’s a good idea to leave directions on how to use some of the amenities of the flat if you will not be there to help the guest. For example, wi-fi passwords and and how to work the coffee maker are common questions, so preemptively answer them with a couple of notes.

7. Leave Some Entertainment Behind
Your guest will appreciate the gesture if you are leaving - whether that means a couple notes of good restaurants and attractions nearby, or some books and DVDs. This is a good way of setting yourself apart from other hosts and hotels - the extra personal touches.

8. Need Help Setting Things Up?
There is always our Premium Host Services. Whether you need to clean your flat, deliver your keys, or store your valuables, FlatClub can help you.