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Thursday 1 May 2014

What is LiveDemand?

LiveDemand is a reverse marketplace, allowing hosts to browse freshly submitted guest requests and send them an offer. Best of all, it is free and a great tool for filling gaps or keeping an eye out for the perfect guest match to your flats. 

Why should I use it?

Be proactive about finding guests! If you are primarily concerned with renting your place quickly - offering a deal on your listed price is a great way to get your guests attention. 

How can I start using LiveDemand?

LiveDemand requires two simple steps to get started -- Become a Verified Host and publish at least one flat! There are several ways to get verified and our team can assist. Publishing a flat takes about 5 minutes. It's simple and intuitive and we have a short video to help.  

How can I send a guest offer?  

Go to LiveDemand on FlatClub. If it's your first time -- take the tour! Next, filter to requests in your city and browse guest requests. Clicking ‘Show Details’ on the right will display their reasons for travel & other profile information.

Once you’ve found the right guest for you select ‘Make Offer’. Choose the flat you want to offer, input your offer price per night & and your message to the guest. Click ‘Send Offer’ and look out for the guest to respond.

Having trouble submitting an offer? 

Get in touch with our team at