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Friday 1 March 2013

Host Question Time with Smiti

This post marks the 1st of a new feature series on the FlatClub blog we’re calling Host Question Time. However, don’t worry, we’re not debating our hosts. In fact, Host Question Time is all about our best hosts sharing some insight on the why, how and what about hosting on FlatClub.

We are very happy to chat with Smiti as our first host in the series! Smiti is a mother of two, former employee of LBS, and long-time host on our platform who has some interesting experiences & insight to share. We asked her a few questions about her time on FlatClub.

What was the best experience you had with a guest?

A friendly guest from Italy enjoyed cooking, as do I, so we shared a few recipes. I was an easy ice breaker for me... I really enjoyed his company.

I otherwise always enjoy discussing travel with guests who always end up teaching me a lot about various cultures... most interesting are the differences!

Did you ever learn anything from a guest? A few phrases in a foreign language, or a great restaurant tip?
A guest told me about Wahaca and I think that is the best Mexican restaurant discovery I have made in London. He was a foodie and so am I - we shared a lot of tips and I am glad our paths crossed.

What advice would you give a new host? Or how can a guest get the most out of their stay at your home?

An advice to new host is to have good communication with guest prior to arrival... and an advice to guest is to clarify all doubts before booking :-)

Anything else you’d like to say?
FlatClub is one of the best places to advertise rooms or choose rooms. People who visit this website are very reliable and well educated, which is a big differentiator for me as a host.

Curious to hear from Smiti’s guests? Here’s a glowing review from Gwendolyn!

Smiti was fabulous! She responded promptly to my request and sent a very complete email outlining everything, which made for a very smooth move-in process. She and I easily found times that suited both of our schedules to move in and move out. She was very apologetic if she thought her children were being too loud, though I hardly noticed the noise. She was especially helpful when I was moving out: she pointed me to the nearest charity shop so that I didn't have to bring all of my stuff back home, called and arranged a minicab service for me--calling several places to find the best rate--and watched my suitcases as I lugged them down to the cab one by one. Overall, very friendly and very professional!

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