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Friday 1 March 2013

Flats + Flights - Welcome StudentUniverse!

We’re excited to announce an excellent new partner -- StudentUniverse -- they provide students, faculty, and youths (18-25) with the best possible deals on airfare, entertainment, & other travel necessities.

StudentUniverse is partnered with over 70 airlines worldwide, so it’s pretty likely that wherever you’re going StudentUniverse will be able to find you a great price on airfare. Best of all membership is free - just like FlatClub. 

They’re passionate about making it easy for students & young people to travel because they believe, as we do, that travel & exploration is incredibly enriching. Discounted airfare is their specialty, but students can also find super deals on all sorts of things - such as food, books, or tours once you’ve landed in your destination.

From now on, FlatClub members can navigate over to search flights at StudentUniverse directly from our Relocation Guides and we’ll help keep you up to date when there are great deals on offer. Book flights with StudentUniverse and stay on FlatClub - a great match!

Expert Search is of particular use here on FlatClub, a completely free service where our team of experts can help you find the perfect accommodation!
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