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Wednesday 11 December 2013

A Relocation Guide to Munich

FlatClub is back again with a relocation guide to a very special city - Munich!

Munich is in Germany, the birthplace of advent calendars and is atop contender for the best place to spend Christmas.

There's tons of places to go and interesting things to see in Munich, so if you're relocating there for any length time you will be spoiled by the city's sights. Our relocation guide also covers things such as opening a bank account, healthcare in Munich, and other daily things that you'll need to know for your Munich relocation.

We'd recommend taking in one of Munich's many festivals during your stay there: for instance Starkbierfest, where some famous Munich dark beers are served throughout Lent - a custom started by Bavarian monks back in the olden days.

There's also much to see & do for the more erudite visiting the city - some of the top museums are the three Pinakotheks (dedicated to modern art, contemporary art, and classic masters) and the world's largest museum dedicated to science & technology, the Deutsche Museum.

Even if you're not going to stay long in Munich, you're certain to make great memories there.

We have many relocation guides on FlatClub, so wherever you're going you can have some good background knowledge and a chance to get to know the city before you move - use FlatClub to find yourself accomodation in Munich (and dozens of other cities across the world!) before you make the leap.

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