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Friday 22 November 2013

Tips for Hosts, New and Old

We want to give you peace of mind whether you’re hosting for the 1st time, or the 100th time.
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See here as well for additional tips on making the most out of your flat, before your first booking.
So, after you've confirmed your first booking, you may be wondering what to do before your guest's arrival.That is why we have compiling a list, based on thousands of successful bookings, and other hosts’ top tips on how to prepare your flat for guests:
  • Arrange your flat. It is suggested that you empty some drawers and cupboards so that your guest may use them, and leave some surfaces bare. This will allow your guest to put away some of their own things, making them feel more comfortable in your flat as well as ensuring that their items don’t get in your way. If you have personal belongings that you don’t want your guests to touch, let them know in advance and consider keeping those belongings outside of the flat or guest's room. Also make sure that your flat is looking tidy very clean, as this will encourage guests to leave it just the same.

  • Leave instructions It’s a good idea to provide your guest with information on how to use certain amenities in your flat. This will not only improve your guests' experience in your flat but it will also give you peace of mind that all will go smoothly even when you're not there. For example, you might want to leave instructions for wifi access, the TV/DVD player, the telephone and the washer/dryer - these are the amenities most likely to be used by your guest. Also, remind guests to turn off any electrical goods before leaving the flat for the safety of your home and electricity bill.

  • Provide a comfortable bed and clean, crisp linens. Making sure that your guest is given clean bed linens a decent quality mattress will not only make them feel welcome in your flat but will also allow them to gain a peaceful night’s sleep, undoubtedly improving their overall holiday experience. Although it isn't expected that you launder the linens while your guest stays in your flat, it is recommended that you launder them prior to their arrival.

  • Leave some books, DVDs or magazines. Regardless of the time of year or the location of your flat, we’re sure that your guest will really appreciate being able to enjoy these items. A book is the perfect accompaniment to a drink in the sun, whilst films are a great way to spend a cosy evening in.

  • Provide details of local attractions. Leaving your guest a few tips on your favourite local café, restaurant or pub, the best shopping area or popular nearby attractions will be a great way of introducing your guest to your area, helping them to make the most out of their holiday and your neighbourhood. Practical information such as the location of the grocery store or local transport links would also be useful.

  • Fill the fridge. Providing your guest with a few necessities would be a lovely welcome to your guest on the first night. A few of the basics such as milk, bread, and fruit and maybe some exclusive local foods would allow your guest to settle quickly into your flat.
  • Finishing touches. Finally, if you want to branch out and make your flat exceptionally attractive to your guest, you could always buy some fresh flowers to decorate your kitchen or living room. A box of chocolates or a bottle of wine would also be a welcoming gesture to your guest, ensuring that they enjoy their stay in your flat from day one.

As you can see becoming a host is fairly simple & rewarding,  and let's not forget that you can make lots of extra money. For more information on becoming a host email, or visit