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Wednesday 11 September 2013

A Relocation Guide to Rome

One of our major goals at Flat-Club is to create a solid database of Relocation Guides for major cities all over the world. We explain how to go about setting up a bank account, how to get around the city, and other daily-life necessities.

We also highlight some of the more fun things to do that are unique to that city: museums, galleries, restaurants, parks & so on.

In our Rome guide you'll find out about everyday life in Italy's capital.

We’ve also got some ideas on where to eat the finest Italian food (including an amazing ‘transforming’ restaurant space), and some unexpected stops to make as you travel through this beautiful, ancient city - spots like an entire museum dedicated exclusively to Italian horror movies!

If you’ve got more time in the city, for instance if you are there for business or an internship, our guides always include a little bit about where to go outside of the city on a weekend trip. In Rome, you can visit a former port city that is now 3 km further away from the sea than it used to be, evidence of silt shifting locations. Interesting stuff, huh?

If you've had the pleasure of visiting Rome already, let us know if we're missing out on anything in our guide - Tweet @flatclubcom and share your secret spots.

If you need a place to stay in Rome, drop our free Expert Search team a line - they can help you find the best accommodation, tailored to your needs.